Transitions for Youth


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* How long is my foster parent license active?
Your foster parent license will be active for two years. At this time you
can choose to be re-certified if you have completed your sixty hours of

* What are the requirements of re-certification?
In order to be re-certified you must complete at least 40-60 hours of
continuing education within two years. A criminal background check
is required every four years upon recertification. Transitions for Youth
provides training to their foster parents bi-weekly at the foster parent

* What does the home study consist of?
A certified adoption assessor will conduct the home study. A tour of
the home will be required in order to determine sleeping
arrangements for children placed in the home as well as any general
safety issues or concerns. Family members will be interviewed with
questions including, but not limited to, employment history, residential
history, personality, reasons for wanting to foster parent and available
support systems. A check list will also be completed at this time to
determine what type of characteristics you would or would not accept
in a placement.

* How long after I complete my application does it take to
become licensed?
After recommendation by the agency for licensure it takes
approximately one month to become licensed.

* How long after becoming licensed does it take to have a
The answer to this question varies. Although there is a definite need
for foster parents, children who match your preferences may not be
immediately available. The more open you are to gender, ethnicity,
age and range of behavior, the more likely a child will be available

* What do I get for being a foster parent?
The rewards of being a foster parent are endless. You have the
opportunity to assist a young person during a very difficult time in
his/her life. Financial reimbursement is provided to aid in caring for
the foster children. Pay is based on a per day rate and varies with
each child. The agency provides clothing, school fees, books,
uniforms and shoes for extra-curricular activities. Money is also
provided for birthday and Christmas gifts. The agency reimburses
foster parents for travel by providing gas cards.

* Can I still work outside of the home?
Yes. If you must work outside of the home it is possible. Respite or
day care services would need to be utilized when children were not in

* Where do the foster children come from?
We accept children from all eighty-eight counties in the State of Ohio.
Many of our kids have special needs, which may or may not involve
physical, mental, or emotional difficulties, involvement with juvenile
court, or history of neglect, abuse or sexual offenses.

* Do you have foster parent support meetings? How often are
they held?
We do have foster parent support meetings that are held twice a
month. These meetings are in addition to the support group we have
for the foster children.
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